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Water Technologies CPRC Series Click HereCPRC Series close up small file

 Does Your Water Softener look like this? We are your authorized local water technologies CPRC series dealer. 

 We stock all the parts for this system and can easily repair it. We are not the manufacturer of this water system this. 




We offer a full menu of maintenance and repairs for many water treatment systems across North East Florida. Fromdrinking water filters for drinking water systems to a routine water softener system check-up we have got you covered. We also repair a full range of water softeners and reverse osmosis drinking water systems in Jacksonville FL.

Water TestingWeb Small

  • Hard Water titrating test 
  • Total Chlorine Test 
  • Drinking water quality test 
  • PH Test
  • Total Iron 
  • Total Sulfide H2S 



Full Service $139.00 for most systems.
(Price may not apply to all models)
  • Reverse Osmosis Filter Service
    • Change Pre and Post Filters
    • Check/Adjust air charge in storage tank
    • Inspect and lubricate O-rings
    • Test membrane, Good water TDS ranges 0-50 ppm.
    • Check for leaks and potential problems.
    • Applies to: UDI, Culligan AC-30, All standard style RO Systems, Microline models TFC 335-435, Puromax, Hydronix, and more.
Full Service $59.00-$199.00
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane Service
    • Membrane replacement is recommended When TDS water ranges from 50-100 ppm.
    • Price may vary based on Model

Service Call $69.00

  • Water Softener Routine Service Call
    • Perform Water Hardness Test on both Hot and Cold Sideimage for water softener routine service call
    • Check valve for proper function
    • Check Brine level
    • Exercise Ball Valve
    • Check for leaks
    • Applies to all models


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  • Water Softener Resin Re-Bed:

The main indicator that water softener resin media needs replacement is low water pressure. If you have a old water softener and you are experiencing low water pressure a resin replacement repair will get you back on track.

    • Replace old resin with High Capacity Dow HCR/S
    • Replace distributor tube
    • Applies to Models: Clack, Culligan water softeners all models, Fleck, Autotrol, and more.

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  • Water Softener Control Valve Repair

All water softeners have a series of internal parts or moving parts. Due to chlorine exposure and wear/tear these parts will break periodically and require a water softener valve repair. The number one indicator that a valve repair is needed is high water level in the salt pot. Once a water softener’s valve stops working properly it’s common to have a brine tank fill with water sometimes even overflowing. If you notice that your water softener brine tank is full of water you will also notice that your water will be hard instead of soft.

    • Replace internal seals and gasketsImage for Water Softener Repairs
    • Replace drive motor or timer motor as needed
    • Fleck Valves have more moving parts and involve more costs to repair than other valves.
    • Water Softener Valves we fix: Clack, Fleck, Autotrol, Avanta Pure, GE, Aqua Pure, and more.
  •  Reverse Osmosis Repairs/Parts:
    • New Pressure/ bladder tank 2.2 gallon $125.00
    • New ASO valve $25.00
    • New DFCL $10.00
    • New standard RO faucet $39.00
    • Luxury Brushed Nickel or Oil Rubbed Faucet $69.00