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Hellenbrand Water Softeners




Since 1967 


Why Soften Your Water?

Hard Water leaves behind a white scale residue that makes kitchens, clothes and bathrooms hard to clean. Soaps won't produce suds, water heaters don't run efficiently and list goes on. For nearly a decade Florida Water Technologies has been providing great water softeners at common sense prices, we have thousands of satisfied customers and we are among 250 Hellenbrand dealers nationally.   

Hard Water Damage                                                image for web site

  • Clogs pipes and water heaters with white hard water scale

  • Damages dishwashers, irons, coffee pots and ice makers

  • Covers showers and kitchens with a hard to clean, white scale film

  • Hard water coats your skin and hair which making them dry out causing itching and ashey dry skin issues

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E3 Standard Water Softening System

E3 Web SmallEfficient, Electronic, Engineered and produced in the USA

Looking for a great residential water softener for hard Jacksonville water at a great price, look no further. The Hellenbrand E3 offers state of the art water softener features while keeping things easy on the budget. Have soft and luxurious water throughout your entire home. 

Key Points:

  • 8% crosslinked resin 

  • Corrosion resistant valve and tanks for longer life 

  • Fully Metered Control maximizes salt and water efficency 40% more efficient than analog mechanical water softeners

E3 Brochure Here


Pro Mate 6.0 Premium Softening System  button get free quote now

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Pro Mate 6.0

Key Points:

10 % Crosslinked Premium Grade Resin

Back-lit Display with User Friendly Electronics

Insulated Jacket to prevent tank sweating and UV Protection

All wetted internal parts are certified lead free  

Available in Twin Tank for larger appliactions                

Pro Mate 6.0 Brochure    Pro Mate 6.0 Manual 

vortceh vs standard

Premium Tanks = Improved Performance

Hellenbrands unique technology consists of a distribution plate that has 56% more surface    area on 10" diameter systems than standard systems with a cone type distributor, and runs  the full width of the tank diameter for significantly improved performance. 


Performance Enhancedenvirnomental fried

  • 15 % more usable capacity 

  • 30 % less water required to backwash

  • 40 % less pressure drop accross system 


Application: Hardness Reduction 



Pro Mate 6.0 DMT Dual-Media-Tank. button get free quote now


Installation Photo Collection Click Here: 

DMT cutaway with salt


Key Points: 

Unique Patented Dual Chamber Tank

Produces soft water that is Chlorine Free, Chemical Free

Top chamber (filter), greatly improves softener life  

One System to maintain instead of two  

Available in Twin Tank for larger applications

Smart Scrub Technology Enhances resin life and performance  



Available with

CS-Carbon (coconut shell), coconut shell carbon enhances removal of chlorine,

odor and taste    


Catalytic Carbon, Same benefits as CS carbon, but offers 8x better removal

of chloramines, volitale organics, and pharmaceuticals



Pro Mate 6.0 DMT Brochure           Pro Mate 6.0 DMT Manual 




DMT cutaway


 Performace Enhanced

  • One system to maintain instead of two 

  • 30 % less water to backwash

  • 40% less pressure drop accross system 

Application: Hardness Reduction 

and Chemical Filtration-whole house

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