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Iron, Sulphur and Chlorine Filtration Systems for Jacksonville FL Homes

Sulphur, Iron and Chlorine filtration systems for your home. Brownish/ Red stains in the bathroom tub and sinks, as well as discolored hair and laundered items are a tell tale sign of high iron content. Iron as low as .3 ppm will leave stains stains throughout your home, most Jacksonville Fl homes have iron from 1-8 ppm or iron content. Our Iron Curtain IC 2.0 and Iron Curtain Junior are great iron filtration systems for homes in Jacksonville FL that have high Iron. Rotten Egg or Hydrogen Sulfide gas is another common porblem for well water in Jacksonville FL. Sulfide gas (rotten egg odor) is a gas that gets trapped in water through the process of decaying bacteria. It's mostly harmless but it can displace oxygen inside your home causing headaches to certain people. 



Hellenbrand Iron Curtain IC 2.0 

Iron Curtain 2.0 imageHellenbrand's IC 2.0 is a patented 2 stage filtration system.

It has been independently tested, certified and rated as the most effective iron and odor removal system on the market! 

Stage One

The system uses a patented pre-treatment system to oxidize and percipitate contaminents like iron, hydrogen sulfide, and Manganese

 Stage Two

                                    An exclusive fliter bed to trap and remove these contaminants-once and for all! The Iron Curtain is your                                       best choice for completely iron free, and odor free water in Jacksonville Fl.  

 Iron Curtain IC 2.0 Manual

 Iron Curatin IC 2.0 Brochure 


Hellenbrand Iron Curtain Junior iron curtain jr logo

ProMate6IronCurtainJr StraightShot NoBackgroundHellenbrand's Iron Curtain Junior is a single tank system that is designed to remove moderate levels of iron and sulpur odors for homes with lower water use. 


A custom programmed controller automatically maintains a pocket of air inside filter to oxidze iron and hydrogen sulfide gas. 


Then a specialized media filters out completely the oxidized iron and sulphur particles and they are flushed out during backwashing. 


Iron Curtain Junior Brochure

Iron Curtain Junior Manual 








Hellenbrand Pro Mate 6.0 Carbon Filter

Pro Mate 6.0 Carbon Filter


Our whole house, high flow carbon filters remove a wide variety of contamiants to improve the appearance, smell and taste of your water. 

Water softeners in Jacksonville FL last longer when using filtered water vs unfiltered water becuase of our high chlorine levels. Chlorine is a powerful disenfectant used to treat municiple water but it is also responsible for oxidizing damage to water softeners as well as appliances and fixtures in your home. 

Skin and hair are softer and easier to care for without chlorinated water. Some Jacksonville municiple areas have chlorine measuring greater than 3 ppm! (which is roughly twice the amonut need to maintain a swimming pool, yikes) 

Pro Mate 6.0 Carbon Filter Key Points

Adsorbs Disenfection By products like THM (total triholamethanes) 

Adsorbs VOC's (volitale organic compounds) 

Adsorbs herbacides and pesticides 

Removes Halogens from water

Improves taste and appearance of water 

 Pro Mate 6.0 Filtration Brochure




Superior Flow Technology 


vortceh vs standardHellenbrand's patented Vortech Plates are used in all Hellenbrand Filtration Sytems and significantly outperform the widley used standard cone technology. 

Systems that utilize standard cone technology pull the water unevenly through the media tank through the path of least resistance. This results in un-utilized media and uneven buildup that is hard to backwash out. 

The Vortech Plate runs the diameter of the tank and pulls the water evenly for balanced loading and more efficient regeneration. 

Key Points

56% more surface area vs standard cone systemsenvirnomental fried

30% less water required for backwash

40% less pressure drop accross system