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Water Softener Jacksonville FL

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Jacksonville Florida utilizes deep ground water from the Floridian Aquifer. The Aquifer is the largest, oldest, and deepest aquifer in the southeastern U.S. ranging over 100,000 square miles. High amounts of limestone deep underground is what makes hard water in Jacksonville FL. These minerals are dissolved in solution, invisible to the naked eye, and turn back into limestone in your home when mixed with oxygen and heat.

Our hard water content is the highest throughout the State of Florida and is among some of the hardest water in the entire US. Water softeners in Jacksonville FL are necessary to remove the hard water minerals before they enter your home. If left unchecked hard water damage will occur inside the plumbing system clogging pipes and damaging water using appliances. White scale formations can be seen in the bathrooms and kitchens causing a film that is hard to remove with typical cleaning. Also, cloudy dishes and spotted cookware are typical symptoms of hard water.

Water softener companies in Jacksonville FL vary greatly in terms of pricing and reputation. To help you avoid paying too much for a water softener we show all of our customers the annual average water softener charges that are completed by an independent study every year. Companies like Rainsoft, Culligan Water Softeners, U.D.I.’s Hydroquad and Kenitico systems from Clearwater charge 2 to 4 times more for a water softener than its actual value. Often times these companies utilize a pushy sales experience that is designed to back their prospects into a corner for a “hard close”. If you have been pushed around or insulted by one of these companies please give us a call for a free over the phone quote.


Water Hardness Ranges for Jacksonville FL in Grains Per Gallon (GPG): “Very Hard” is 7 GPG to 10.5 GPG


Northside/Dames Point Bridge to Nassau County                         Water Hardness:   14 GPG to 17 GPGFloridan aquifer print
Arlington/Monument/Regency                                                        Water Hardness:   14 GPG to 26 GPG      
Kernan/Atlantic/ Hodges/ San Pablo                                               Water Hardness:   17 GPG to 20 GPG
Baymeadows/ Madarin/ San Marco                                                Water Hardness:   21 GPG to 26 GPG

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