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Water Softener for CR 210 Durbin Crossing and Julington Creek Areas

Water Softeners for North Saint John’s County Floridaus fl sj


North Saint John’s County residents enjoy great public schools, friendly neighbors and beautiful neighborhoods (our kids go to L.P.A.). This area of Jacksonville is exploding with new residents from all over the country. Most of our customers that relocate to Jacksonville have no prior experience with water treatment systems. Hard Water that leaves white scale and film everywhere along with smelly, bad tasting water is a staple of Florida. A water treatment system from us will soften and filter your homes entire water supply so that every faucet in your home will have treated water. Then you can get back to enjoying your beautiful community.

Most people ask, “How do I know I am getting a good deal on a water softener”. Unlike buying a car there is no TrueWaterSoftener.com site that compares prices and such. Water Softener Companies in Jacksonville FL charge anywhere from $1000 to $7000 or more! However, the actual value of water softening equipment is closer to $1600 to $1850 including installation according to an independent benchmark survey. So what’s with the guy trying to sell you a $5000 to $7000 water softener? Each business has their own convictions and business models. With 3M you will not experience such pricing tactics. 3M has an excellent reputation with a track record dating over 100 years (112 to be exact). Companies don’t stay in business that long by utilizing shady sales practices or offering subpar products. Contacting Florida Water Technologies Inc. your 3M Authorized Water Dealer will bring you straight forward prices and answers without the pushy shady sales approach.


Saint John’s County Water Hardness for CR 210 to Racetrack Road:  


Julington Creek Grid                                      Water Hardness: 21 grains per gallon-extremely hard
Saint John’s North Grid                                 Water Hardness: 14 grains per gallon-extremely hard
Saint John’s Forest Grid                                Water Hardness: 28 grains per gallon-extremely hard

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