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Water Softener Systems for Ponte Vedra Beach and Nocatee FL

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It cannot be understated the role chlorine plays in destroying water softeners. Ponte Vedra Beach residents live with some of the highest chlorine levels in North East Florida. In fact just the other day while on Roscoe Blvd I tested chlorine at 3 ppm which is very high. Chlorine is corrosive and an oxidizer both are bad for your water softener system because they pit and corrode metal parts and oxidize rubber seals and the ion exchange water softener media. Although the internal parts and resin can be replaced it’s an expense that residents are not aware of or prepared for.  3M has several advanced carbon based pre filtration systems that work great with a water softener in Ponte Vedra Beach FL. By pre filtering the chlorine the water softener system is completely protected from the negative effects of chlorine and water quality throughout your home will be brought to a drinking water standard.

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A beautiful place to call home Nocatee residents enjoy amenities that are unmatched. This beautiful community is full of hard working families with a focus on family and education. Trust me there is nothing lazy floating in the lazy river. Nocatee is home to one of Jacksonville’s highest income brackets but that doesn’t mean you should pay more for a water softener than its value. All of our customers are provided access to the National Water Softener Average Sales Figures per home. Florida Water Technologies, unlike other high priced companies like Culligan, Rainsoft and others, does not pull numbers seemingly out of a hat. Our prices are proportional and right in line with their actual value according to annual studies and backed by the quality manufacturer 3M. We have hundreds of customers throughout Nocatee and we would love to show you the advantages of 3M products for your home too.

Water Hardness in Grains per Gallon (GPG): Very Hard Water is 7-10.5 GPG

Ponte Vedra Beach FL:                                                        Hardness 17-25 GPG
Nocatee FL:                                                                         Hardness 18-23 GPG 


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