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Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System





Millennium a Premium Reverse Osmosis System

Our most advanced drinking water system is reverse osmosis, 4 advanced stages provides up to 99% contaminant reduction. The NSF certified Millenium RO (made in the USA) reduces contaminants such as chromium, lead, arsenic, mercury and more. Imagine unlimited, safe drinking water for all your cooking, drinking and recipe needs. You will access your purified drinking water through a seperate dedicated faucet that we install at your kitchen sink. We make sure to provide you with faucet color, style options to match the hardware in your kitchen, colors like brushed nickel and oil rubbed are commRo claimson and are in stock always. 

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 Installation Photos Here:

 Luxury Faucets Photos

 Under Sink Photos

RO units take up a small amount of space under the sink and require a dedicated faucet to dispense the filtered water.  




Millenium RO Brochure Click Here:               

 Why Filter the Water You Drink? 


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