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Water Technologies Water Softener

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We service this water softener system located in the Greater Jacksonville FL area. Our service rates for this system are great and our service is professional and fast. If you purchased this system years ago or if you moved into a home that already has this system then you are in the right place. 





Who Makes This System? Clack Logo

Clack Corporation is the manufacturer of this water softener system. So why doesn't it say Clack? Clack is the main component manufacuter they make the individual components and supply them to distributors. The main Distributor of this water softener system in Jacksonville FL is Coast Pump Water Technologies. But don't bother trying to call Clack directly as they do not deal with home owners. 

Who Is Coast Pump Water Technologies? coast pump water technologies

Coast Pump Water Tech is a Distributor of Clack water softeners and Fleck water softeners systems. Coast Pump supplies water treatment dealers and plumbers with water softeners all over the state of Florida. They sell and provide product support to anyone with a contracting license sorry homeowners this doesn't include you. Coast Pump does not provide parts or support to homeowners, but have no fear Florida Water Technologies is here! 

 What Services Do We Provide to this Water Softener System? 

CPRC Series


  • Electronic Components: The two main electric parts for this system are the PC board and the Transformer.

  • What to look for: A blank screen or a the word "error" followed by a numberic code. Some of these codes can be cleared allowing the system to be "rebooted" others cannot. If you are getting a blank screen then it's usually the transformer but can also be a failed PC board. (Note: if your water softener is plugged into a GFI outlet check to see if it is tripped first as often times this causes a blank screen.) 

  • Internal Valve Parts: Key parts are the Piston and Spacer/Seal stack

  • What to look for: If your seal stack has failed then you will notice that the system is no longer consuming salt and it's typically accompanied by a brine tank that is full of water. The cause is the internal seals are no longer making a seal causing the tank to fill with water. Some units that don't have a over flow safety float will overflow and spill causing a huge mess. 

  • We can repair this part of the system quickly and inexpensivley. 

  • Resin Media: Key parts are Resin Media and internal plumbing components

  • What to look for: When water softening resin media had failed you will often times notice a loss of water pressure or low water pressure. If you put the system into bypass and your water pressure returns to full strenght your water softener resin media has failed and needs replacement. Other symptoms could be extra salty taste in the water either way new resin media will solve your problem. 

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