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5 Star Customer Service!

Have a great experience buying a water softener.golden-rating-stars

We pride ourselves on providing great service before, during and after the sale. That’s why it brings us great pleasure to announce that Florida Water Technologies, Inc. has received 5 out of 5 stars over 21 customer reviews at the Better Business Bureau!  

The Better Business Bureau has long been known as a place where consumers could file an official complaint against a business. As of August of 2012 the BBB expanded their services to include customer reviews in addition to complaints. The BBB classifies reviews three ways, positive experience, neutral experience, or negative experience, and they are free to read. And since August of 2012 our customers have posted 21 out of 21 positive experience reviews (which is the most of any water softener company in North East Florida on the BBB) which earns 5 stars from the BBB. Each review the BBB receives goes through a 48 hour process to authenticate the review and compare IP addresses to confirm legitimacy.

We find that most people that purchase water softeners in our area are doing so for the first time and wouldn’t know how to go about checking the system. The other day I met with a gentleman who bought a Sears Kenmore water softener. When you buy from a big box retail store often times they sub-contract installers who didn’t sell you the water softener and aren’t motivated if the system works right or not, they get paid to cut and glue pipe. The system had been in his garage for an entire year and was plugged in. We tested the water inside his home and found it to be not working. Upon reviewing the installation/set up of the water softener I noticed the installer left the system in bypass, which is the off position for water softeners. Including the cost of the unit and the labor to install, he paid over $1000 for the Sears Kenmore that hadn’t worked since installed a year ago.

How we provide a great experience.

It all starts at the point of sale. We arrive on time and provide a no pressure, no hassle sales experience. Next we provide great water softeners, at common sense prices with a punctual and professional installation. Then we follow up every single water softener installation with our complimentary diagnostic and water test to guarantee results. The diagnostic includes:

·         Detailed water history report which shows your day by day consumption back to 63 days

·         Master history error check will show you if any error codes have flashed to the PC board

·         Peak rate of flow through the system-shows the system can handle your family/house size

·         Water test on hot/cold side to confirm consistent results

It’s important to us that our water softeners work effectively every time. And just in case something is not working right we will be there to correct the issue. We log all of your follow up information in our data base and can track your systems performance over the years.

We have all had the experience where the customer service stopped as soon as the check cleared the bank. And if you needed something you would have to call the customer service phone number (for English press #1) only to find people that may or may not be motivated to provide great service. That won’t happen with Florida Water Technologies, Inc.



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