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Is Your Water Treatment Company Insured?

Today I wanted to invite a friend of mine, Andrew Roberts with We Insure Florida, to provide some information to better protect homeowners. It is very necessary to understand the risk you take when you hire a company to provide services at your home. There are two main types of insurance that a water conditioning company should carry to protect their customers and themselves from undo risk. When installing a water softener system at your home you always have the potential to cause damage to the property along with the potential for a worker to become injured on your property while working.

“Andrew, why should a company carry General Liability Insurance?”

That’s a great question Brad. The risk that a homeowner faces while hiring an uninsured company is tremendous. When a resident hires a company that doesn’t have General Liability Insurance then the homeowner’s insurance policy will be responsible if damages occur. This could be something simple all the way up to something catastrophic. I have seen examples of the worker putting a hole in a wall all the way up to knocking out the entire block’s power. Both of these situations could leave the homeowner paying out major expenses if they were using a crew that did not carry the proper insurance for the job.

“Andrew, what if a worker gets hurt while working at the residence?”iStock 000010666919Small

Good question. Workers Compensation Insurance is especially important in a businesses like water treatment when workers are lifting bags of salt and heavy water softeners. You see, if an uninsured worker gets hurt while performing work at a residence then the liability of the homeowners insurance medical payments would be responsible for the hospital bills incurred by the worker. Now that may not seem fair but in Florida anyone invited into your home to do a job for you is considered an “invited guest” and the homeowner is responsible for anything that happens to the property when dealing with an uninsured crew.

"Andrew, what can our readers do to protect themselves?”

Make sure the company that you are considering is carrying General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance. If you aren’t sure ask the company to see their policies that document their coverage. Most companies will have no problem providing a copy of coverage to the homeowner before work begins.


Thanks Andrew.

Florida Water Technologies Inc. is audited every year to make sure that our company has accurate coverage and limits. We would never put our customers at risk by cutting corners on things like liability and workers compensation insurance.


we insure fl

Andrew Roberts is owner of We Insure Florida Ponte Vedra location. They specialize in providing homeowners insurance policies as well as auto coverage too. If you are moving to Florida and need some help with your insurance needs. Or if you have any questions for Andrew he can be reached by calling 904-373-9001. Or you can CLICK HERE to visit Andrew online. 

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