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The Hard Water Corner

Common sense information about a common problem.

Soft Water Works Harder

People go through great lengths to have spotless dishes and clean bathrooms. Even with expensive soaps and high end appliances it’s common to still have spots on the dishes and film in the bathroom. The problem is not the soap or the appliances, it’s the water.

One area especially problematic is the shower door. With a large surface area shower doors are a continuous problem area that are nearlyBlevins Duplex Before  6-2011 impossible to keep clean. I have read several online forums where people are trying to achieve and maintain a clean shower door. Other forum members would chime in with suggestions ranging from squeegee after every shower, to scrape off soap scum residue with a flat razor blade (be careful!), and one person even suggested buffing the door with compound called cerium oxide and a high speed buffer. Seriously, a high speed buffer? Sounds like a lot of work.

The secret to achieving clean and spotless kitchens and bathrooms in the greater Jacksonville area is to focus on the water that is running through your plumbing system. You see our water has some of the highest concentrations of calcium hardness minerals in the nation. These hardness minerals keep layering and layering our homes until everything has a foggy film that will not come off no matter how hard you clean. Even if you are able to clean the spots off completely, “guess what?” They will be back tomorrow. The film is a direct result of the hardness minerals that come from our water supply.  

fogged glassThe Ohio State University indicated that the time required for typical cleaning tasks was increased by almost 50 percent using hard water.

Water softeners work by removing these hardness minerals before they enter your home. Once you install a water softener you will achieve spot free kitchens and bathrooms with very little effort. We have lots of testimonials from customers that have had such amazing results by simply switching to soft water.

As long as Hard Water is mixing with the soaps and running through those nice appliances the problem of spots and film will continue.

A water softener is a permanent, low cost solution to your hard water problems. Give us a call today to set up your free, no hassle estimate.


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