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Who Can it Be Now

Who Can it Be Now?

You may ask yourself, “Why do they keep knocking on my door to sell me stuff?” If you were raised in or around the 80’s you may recall the popular Men at Work song, “Who Can It Be Know?” A fitting lyric for todays blog from the song states, “All I wish is to be alone, stay away don’t invade my home.”

GreenleafToday we will look at some things to consider when sales people knock on your door in an attempt to sell you a water softener. Door knocking is bothersome practice by a lot of water softener dealers in Jacksonville Fl and surrounding areas. The reason companies partake in this practice is because it is relatively cheap marketing for them. However it is annoying and bothersome to you. Most to all neighborhoods are deed restricted and door to door solicitation is not allowed. Just the other night in Nocatee’s Greenleaf Village I was on a water softener sales call and ran across this sign. Your community like this one in Nocatee more than likely prohibits solicitors entering your community.

3 Problems with Water Softener Solicitors (This is Who it could be Knocking at your door)

 1.   You’ll overpay

When it comes to buying a water softener in Jacksonville FL, purchasing from a solicitor could be a raw deal for you. I talk to people all the time and they tell me how much they paid for a water softener from some guy that knocked on their door. The amounts vary greatly and can be quite staggering. Companies that knock on doors as a primary marketing strategy often times charge 3 to 5 times more for water softeners than what water softeners are actually valued at. Also, water softener companies that charge these unjustified prices usually have poor online public reputations. In addition to overpaying you are also likely to receive poor or no customer service after the sale.

2.   If they go out of business you will not have a warranty or service after the sale

Another problem buying a water softener from a solicitor is they often go out of business. A lot of times in this business an individual will leave a successful national franchise brand and think they can run a business themselves. However the new dealer is faced with a predicament, no one has ever heard of them or the brand they are trying to sell. So off to the neighborhoods they go to knock on your door. Most times these style of businesses are run out of the individual’s home with a PO Box as a business address. A lot of times these style businesses do not have an EIN number, Insurance, or a license.  I have personally met guys that after trying to run their own business they return to their previous employer to get their old job back. Don’t be guanine pig for some guys experiment. In the past 6 months we have had two brand new competitors open water softener businesses and one of them is already out of business.

3.   Stranger

The common sense reason to not buy from a door to door solicitor is you don’t know this individual. Often times they will ask you for your personal information or credit card number. Other than what they say about themselves or their brand you don’t know them from Adam. One reason that neighborhoods do not allow solicitation is for neighborhood safety. In attempt to keep the neighbor’s property safe solicitation is not permitted in any neighborhood that I can think of.

To sum up. I have an analogy for you to think about when buying a water softener system. We call it permission based selling versus non-permission based selling. A lot of water softener companies solicit customers against the customers will, either by knocking your door or robo-calling your home phone. We categorize this style as non-permission based selling. Given the choice you would not want a phone call or an uninvited visitor to your home. Our sales department uses permission based selling. Meaning we work with your timeline and budget. We wait for you to contact us. That’s why our company and others who use this philosophy have a much stronger public local reputation (Better Business Bureau and Google). Our team will not violate the rules in your neighborhood just to “make a sale”. Because at the end of the day we live in the communities that we work in and I wouldn’t want you to knock on my door either.men at work lyrics

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