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Water Softener Choices



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Premium Soft Water Systems 

Hellenbrand, an award winning company, has been manufacturing and improving water treatment systems since 1967. With many patents Hellenbrand makes some of the stongest and most efficient water softener systems available for purchase today. Our Pro Mate 6 and Pro Mate 6 DMT are designed to provide you with decades of soft water with little to no parts replacement services needed. Compare that to store bought systems, like from Home Depot and Lowes, their soft water systems usually last around 2-4 years and they do not stock parts to fix these types of water softener systems (you have to throw it away and buy a new one).

We chose Hellenbrand for their incredible commitment to quality products and outstanding customer support. Today Hellenbrand is one of the most sought after OEM's in water treatment making finding available territories quite hard. If you are looking for a permanent city water softener system and outstanding customer service then look no further than Hellenbrand water softeners offered by Florida Water Technologies Inc.  

If your searching for affordable water systems, contact a Florida Water Technologies representative today!


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Wholesale Brand Soft Water Sytems

Clack is our wholesale brand soft water systems that we sell and serivce in Jacksonville FL. Clack water softeners offer superior peroformance and efficientcy over other wholesale brands like Fleck and Autotrol all of which are available at local distributors. Our Clack product line is a perfect balance of performance and cost and is perfect for those looking for a cost effective reliable solution to Jacksonville FL's hard water problems. We chose Clack over the other available wholesale brands for their ease of use and superior reliability this segment offers. 


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